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Ankober Palace Lodge
Amba Ecotourism Plc. - Ankober Palace Lodge, P.O.Box 25784 Code 1000 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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How To Get There...

Ankober Palace Lodge is located 172km northeast of Addis Ababa - around three and a half hours drive on an all-weather road - on the way to or from the famous historic route in northern Ethiopia.

From Addis Ababa, first head 130km to Debre Berhan. Drive through the town until you reach a signposted right turn onto a gravel road. This road zigzags over hilly terrain and through a cultivated plateau before it reaches a mountain pass called Kundi at 3,500m above sea level, which provides a breathtaking view over the Rift Valley. Ankober Palace Lodge is just 20km from this chilly height covered with eucalyptus forest, at a more comfortable altitude of 2,800m above sea level, with similarly stunning views.

From Addis Ababa, there is one public bus daily directly to Ankober town, leaving at 5.30am from the central bus station. From Ankober town it is a pleasant half-hour walk downhill to the lodge. Limited public transport leaves Debre Berhan for Ankober up to lunchtime. Our helpful staff can assist with arrangements for public transport from Ankober to Debre Berhan and onward destinations. Nevertheless we hesitate to recommend the public transport for International travelers except for those who are of the adventurous type.

Road Map

Ankober is located at 172kms North east of Addis Ababa on the Historic route of Northern Ethiopia.

Ankober can be reached in about two and half to three hours drive from Addis Ababa on an all weather road.
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