Welcome To Ankober Palace Lodge

Ankober Palace Lodge is built in traditional style on the very ground of Emperor Menelik's Palace in Ankober. It is situated on top of a hill with spectacular views over the famous Rift Valley that traverses the East and Southern Africa from the Red Sea to the shores of Lake Malawi in Malawi...

Ankober Palace Lodge offers excellent accommodation on a spectacular and peaceful rural setting, accompanied by authentic cuisine and traditional hospitality.

As the ancient capital of Shoa/Ethiopia, Ankober is an important historical region. You may take part in many possible excursion options and exciting trekking routes over mountain ranges and deep valleys. or just relax on the terrace overlooking the wonderful landscape with a good book and a pot of fresh coffee, and let our friendly staff take care of you.


Community Mission

While building up First Class, Environmentally Friendly Facilities that cater for the needs of national and international tourists, the Ankober Palace Lodge is committed to strengthening local communities and empowering the individuals within them. Local artisans were trained and hired to carry out skilled work of rebuilding the former palace in the same traditional style as the original. Up to one hundred individuals worked on the construction site. At present the lodge employs over 50 persons and provides jobs for dozens of external suppliers to provide goods such as organic products for the lodge's cuisine and services such as pack animals and horses for trekking.
>> To provide high quality service to our visitors that reflect the traditional hospitality of the region, in so doing we create employment opportunities for people from the surrounding communities

>> To promote the preservation of the cultural and social fabric of society by supporting various undertakings such as supporting the church community school of music and poetry, the creation of the community museum where historical artifacts are preserved

>> To respect the environment and contribute towards the sustenance of the flora and fauna of the palace hill and its surrounding areas

>> To organize healthy and beneficial interactions between visitors and local residents on the occasion of visits to nearby Churches, farms and traditional open markets


Brigitte et Pierre

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Quel lieu magnifique!!! Juste quelque marche et on arrive au Paradis!! Le silence, la vue, que du bonheur --- nous n'avons plus envie de repartir"