Things to do


History & Culture

Ankober Palace Lodge is filled with rich history starting form the Emperor Menilk II residence, multiple churches surrounding it and the museum for you to go visit and experience the country side life style.


You can go trekking with your friends and family to enjoy hiking in the mountains visiting the rural houses on the way. We can also assign you an experienced tour guide for a better experience.

Horseback Riding

Riding horses is so much fun! There is nothing better than the wind in your face as you and your horse move as one! The power they have is so much stronger than our own.

Bird Watching

Enjoy bird watching by viewing them in their natural habitat in the mountains and the trees of Ankober. Come and enjoy different kinds of behavior of the birds.


Come to us and spend time outdoors camping in a tent in a more natural habitat in pursuit of activities providing you enjoyment.


Ankober is densely populated by terrace crop cultivators and well known area for its peace and security. Experience the view from the highest place.